Plano hosts demonstration of Poly-Triplex efficiency

Poly-Triplex of Texas crew members prepare manhole for the 2-hour rehab process.

Plano, TX, June 24 – The City of Plano has taken a progressive approach to the future of its water infrastructure by hosting a demonstration of the Poly-Triplex liner system.

“Infrastructure, particularly water and sewer, provide the backbone upon which a city is built,” said James W. Rush, editor of Trenchless Technology Magazine, in the November, 2003 issue. “Without adequate infrastructure cities cannot sustain residential and commercial growth.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), municipalities are expected to spend approximately $300 billion in the next 20 years to upgrade existing infrastructure to meet the increasing demands on water and wastewater treatment systems.

Poly-Triplex of Texas held a demonstration of its trenchless liner system on a manhole at 1700 Westridge Dr. on June 24 for dozens of city officials and engineers from the Metroplex.

“One of the benefits of our product is that rain or shine, hot or cold, our product can be used,” said Brett Kirkman, account executive with Poly-Triplex of Texas. “We do it right the first time in a matter of hours without disrupting normal city operations.”

For years, the standard method of rehabilitation has been to use temporary solutions such as spray-on epoxy products to repair deteriorating manholes, culverts and pump stations.

This approach has been beneficial to the companies that market these products because every few years these products must be reapplied, but in the long run this process may result in the loss of thousands of dollars in maintenance and wasted water.

“Poly-Triplex allows our clients to rehabilitate a manhole and never worry about it again,” said J. Todd Blanchard, president of Poly-Triplex of Texas. “We offer something none of our competitors can claim: a 10-year warranty and 100-year useful life certification.”

Poly-Triplex of Texas is a Waskom-based company that uses a patented triple-layer fiberglass liner system to permanently seal fissures in manholes, pump stations, culverts and other infrastructure while adding tremendous structural integrity and immunity to corrosion.

“Poly-Triplex presents a value-engineered solution to infrastructure problems with features no other product has,” said Blanchard. “The benefits we can provide to our customers make Poly-Triplex a reliable investment in the future of the environment.”