Past News:

A comparison of fiberglass inserts with Poly-Triplex Liner System.

A comparison of ASTM strength of Poly-Triplex vs other rehabilitation products.

Denver, CO, January 29 - City of Denver finds failure in spray-on epoxy rehabilitation.

Plano, TX, June 24 2004 - City of Plano upgrades its approach to manhole rehab.

Poly-Triplex of Texas completes successful demonstration during storm in College Station

Poly-Triplex of Texas held a demonstration of installation at Texas A&M on Dec. 9, 2003

College Station, TX, Dec 9 – Despite torrential downpour, Poly-Triplex of Texas was able to successfully rehabilitate a manhole on the Texas A & M campus Tuesday during a demonstration of the Poly-Triplex of Texas process.

The manhole was completely structurally reinforced and rehabilitated in less than three hours using the Poly-Triplex liner system.

Poly-Triplex of Texas uses the most advanced technologies to install a monolithic fiberglass liner in manholes, pump stations and other wastewater infrastructure. After installation, the structure is inpermeable to inflow and infiltration from groundwater, which would otherwise cause an additional load on already over-taxed sewer treatment systems.

Additionally, because of its patented three-layer system, Poly-Triplex is able to make sewer infrastructure impenetrable to tree roots and protect the outside environment from wastewater outflow. Structures rehabilitated with Poly-Triplex have an extended useful life of a century, according to recent testing by engineering firm Mayes, Suddereth and Etheredge.

The demonstration was designed to give engineers and city officials an idea of the durability, efficiency and value Poly-Triplex of Texas offers. While waiting for the liner to cure, Poly-Triplex of Texas executives fielded questions from engineers and presented specifications and other technical data during lunch.

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Because of a typographical error, we incorrectly identified the engineering firm that conducted the study that resulted in Poly-Triplex's 100-year useful life certification as Meyers, Suddereth and Etheredge in our letter of Dec. 15, 2003. The firm that found that Poly-Triplex liners are designed to last a century is Mayes, Suddereth and Etheredge. We apologize for this mistake and any inconvenience it may have caused.

Our installers preapply resin to a Poly-Triplex liner. The resin helps our monolithic liner bind to the structure surface.
The complete curing time for this Poly-Triplex liner was about 2 hours. This makes Poly-Triplex a fast and reliable solution to wastewater infrastructure problems.