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Innovation gives greater integrity to rehabilitation products

The world leaders in trenchless technology have announced that the newest generation of Poly-Triplex liners doubles the already industry-leading strength standards of its previous water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation system.

“Poly-Triplex of Texas is committed to engineering and advancing the highest quality process for the rehabilitation of water and wastewater infrastructure,” said J. Todd Blanchard, president of the company. “Therefore, we have upgraded to a superior epoxy resin used in our liner system.”

The result of this innovation is an impressive increase in flexural and tensile strength as shown in recent testing by HTS Consultants, Inc. For our PTLS-6800 liner the increase in Flexural strength was from 22,858 psi to an impressive 44,535 psi. And the tensile strength of the PTLS more than doubled from 12,340 psi to 28,400 psi.

An updated Technical Data Sheet for the PTLS liner systems with new information from recent tests can be found here.

The Poly-Triplex Liner System Chemical Resistance Test Data has been updated to reflect our continued commitment to improved structural rehabilitation, corrosion prevention and value-engineering.

A comparison of the strengths of the PTLS liner system versus competing products can be see here.

Additionally, the increased strength in the resin has also improved the PTLS 11600 series for culvert and large structure rehabilitation. A comparison between PTLS 11600 and competing culvert rehab products can be found here.

UCT Showcases innovative rehabilitation solution

Poly-Triplex of Texas was one of the featured exhibitors at the tenth annual Underground Construction Technology show, presenting the most innovative cured-in-place infrastructure rehabilitation product available.

After attending a demonstration of the patented Poly-Triplex liner system and process, public works officials, consulting engineers and maintenance personnel found the quality, efficiency and professionalism of Poly-Triplex of Texas unmatched. These industry decision-makers discussed with our representatives Poly-Triplex’s solution to the infrastructure deterioration crisis.

Poly-Triplex of Texas informed show attendees about the benefits of using trenchless technology in addressing infrastructure needs. As a leader in this rapidly growing industry, Poly-Triplex of Texas has pioneered the use of value-engineered rehabilitation methods that permanently advance structural integrity while eliminating I&I problems.

The UCT show was held from January 25-27, 2005 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. It is one of the largest conferences of underground infrastructure professionals in the world.

Poly-Triplex leads the manhole rehabilitation industry

In response to the October 2004 issue of Trenchless Technology’s Technical Forum , we wholeheartedly agree with Sims Rhyne that the trenchless industry must educate our clients on the importance of reliable manhole rehabilitation while developing better products.

Poly-Triplex of Texas has led the trenchless industry for years by using the only triple-layer impenetrable liner system on the market to date. We know that we best serve our clients by providing a rehabilitation solution that lasts for decades.

Poly-Triplex of Texas keeps our clients informed about the benefits they receive by using a more proactive approach to manhole rehabilitation.

Many utility owners have come to rely on inferior means of rehabilitation. Older methods of rehabilitation using cementitious grouts, generic spray-on epoxies or imitation fiberglass liners may be appealing because of their simplicity and cheapness, but you pay for what you get. These products are designed as a temporary fix to inflow and infiltration but do not add sufficient structural integrity or chemical resistance to last more than a few years. While this gives the companies repeat business, it shortchanges the client by offering inferior quality and a higher long-term cost.

Older inferior methods do not work on our aging infrastructure. It is time to make an investment in the future.

An environmental solutions company must provide the best long-term solution to our clients’ problems. This is why Poly-Triplex has engineered the rehabilitation solution that outperforms our competitors with the best structural enhancement, chemical resistance and elimination of inflow, infiltration and root intrusion of any product on the market. One of many impressive features of Poly-Triplex is that our triple-layer impenetrable liner enhances structural integrity with a flexural strength of 22,858 psi, nearly four times what competitors can claim.

We offer our clients a product that will solve their manhole rehabilitation problems now and for decades to come, to minimize maintenance costs and to help with management and operation. We back this promise with an industry-leading 10-year warranty on materials and labor. Atlanta engineering firm Mayes, Suddereth & Etheredge has independently established that Poly-Triplex liners have a 100-year useful life certification.

While other companies try to play catch-up, Poly-Triplex of Texas is the benchmark by which future innovations will be measured. Poly-Triplex not only repairs infrastructure, but actually upgrades it, leaving it in better condition than when we found it.

Visionary wastewater infrastructure managers rely on Poly-Triplex of Texas to provide reliable service that eliminates the need for future repairs or maintenance. Poly-Triplex is truly the 21st century solution to infrastructure rehabilitation.


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New chart shows tremendous strength, warranty and useful life advantages of Poly-Triplex over competitors.

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