Benefits of Poly-Triplex for culvert applications :
Integrity | Permanence | Value

Integrity: Where corrosion, infiltration and deterioration are damaging stormwater structures, a solution is found in the permanent rehabilitation that Poly-Triplex offers. The strength properties of the liner are typically greater than the actual structure being lined. Poly-Triplex liners have been tested using the most rigorous methods available. Chemical testing has found that our liners resist corrosion from extremes of heat or humidity, and are immune to corrosion from biological contaminants.

The flexural strength of Poly-Triplex liners is 49,912 psi on average, which means our liners add tremendous structural integrity to infrastructure. Unlike other rehabilitation products, our liner system is impenetrable to root intrusion and other forms of erosion, which means structures remain secure.

Permanence: Each liner is custom made to fit the host structure and installations take only a few hours. After rehabilitation, independent engineering tests have shown that Poly-Triplex liners have a 100-year useful life certification. We offer a five-year warranty on installation and materials with culvert applications. After more than a decade since the first installation of a Poly-Triplex liner in Texas, there have been zero warranty claims.

With Poly-Triplex, culvert-related erosion problems are gone because the culvert's structural integrity is secured for decades to come. Poly-Triplex is 21st century technology that will last into the next.

Value: Because we use no-dig technology and can work at night, we can rehabilitate golf course culverts without golfers ever knowing we were there. Lake to lake equalizer pipes can be lined without excavation or dewatering lakes. Other companies cannot offer you this value.

Poly-Triplex liners do not disrupt the course as other methods made. For example, pipe-bursting displaces the soil surrounding the pipe, which could ruin a golf course. We leave courses in better condition than we found them. Poly-Triplex liners are consistent. Our patented installation method uses a pressurized bladder that cures the surface of the liner equally so that there are no weak areas. No maintenance is anticipated for decades, so the wasted effort of reapplication found with other rehabilitation methods after every two to three years isn’t an issue with Poly-Triplex. Our quality is our greatest value. We solve the problem once and always.