Poly-Triplex Culvert Rehabilitation

Poly-Triplex Technologies has developed a permanent culvert rehabilitation solution to the increasing deterioration of America's infrastructure. The patented lining system offers excellent properties that rehabilitate and further strengthen compromised culverts.

The Poly-Triplex liner can be pulled through sections of deteriorated culvert pipe and cured-in-place using patented technology that allows for rapid installation and return to full use usually within twenty-four hours. Pipe diameter is not decreased and flow rate is generally greatly improved.

Load bearing tests on the Poly-Triplex liner reveal an increase in pipe strength worth noting. ASTM C497 D-Load Bearing tests used Wheeling galvanized corrugated culvert pipe with an ultimate load bearing strength of 1,377 lbf/ft. After this corrugated metal pipe was lined with the Poly-Triplex Liner Series 11,600, the ultimate load bearing strength had increased to 3,095 lbf/ft. The D-Load strength also increased impressively from 689 lbf/ft/ft to 1548 lbf/ft/ft.

Case Study: Brighton, CO

Corrugated Culvert Pipe 110 feet long under 4-lane divided highway completely rehabilitated in one day with the Poly-Triplex Liner System with no traffic disruption.




Quote from The City of Brighton, CO, seven months after installation:
The contract to install the liner was with a local contractor, but we were pleased with the personal attention that Poly-Triplex International gave to our project. It has only been a short time since the liner was installed, and we have not had any problems to date. With the ten year warranty, we anticipate this to be the case for a long time to come.