Benefits of Poly-Triplex: :
Durability | Efficiency | Value

Durability: Poly-Triplex liners have been tested using the most rigorous methods available. The materials in Poly-Triplex liners are designed to withstand the intense conditions of wastewater environments. Chemical testing has found that our liners resist corrosion from toxic gases like H2S and can endure extremes of pH found in the most acidic of sewer systems. Testing has also found that Poly-Triplex liners are not affected by extremes of heat or humidity, and are immune to corrosion from biological contaminants.

One of the most impressive results of our testing was the strength of the material to withstand pressure . The flexural strength of Poly-Triplex liners is 44,535 psi on average, which means our liners add tremendous structural integrity to infrastructure. Unlike other rehabilitation products, our liner system is impenetrable to root intrusion, which means structures remain secure.

The remarkable result of these tests is Poly-Triplex’s recently announced 100-Year Useful Life Certification. Poly-Triplex is 21st century technology that will last into the next.

Efficiency: Poly-Triplex improves the efficiency of wastewater systems by sealing fissures within the walls of sewer infrastructure. Inflow and infiltration are stopped so leakage of groundwater into the wastewater treatment system no longer poses a threat. After using Poly-Triplex liners to rehabilitate wastewater systems, cities see significant water savings. Because Poly-Triplex is an impermeable barrier, roots from surrounding trees cannot intrude into infrastructure after rehabilitation from Poly-Triplex.

Other rehabilitation products require repeated applications or a curing process that can take up to a week, but Poly-Triplex of Texas does it right the first time. Our installation process takes a matter of hours and a single installation team can usually rehabilitate one or two manholes a day. Because we use no-dig technology, the disruption of sewage flow is minimal.

Poly-Triplex liners are also consistent. Our patented installation method uses a pressurized bladder that cures the surface of the liner equally so that there are no weak areas. No maintenance is anticipated for decades, so the wasted effort of reapplication found with other rehabilitation methods after every two to three years isn’t an issue with Poly-Triplex. We solve the problem once and always.

Value: Poly-Triplex of Texas is able to offer incomparable value because of the reliability of our liner system. The most recent tests of Poly-Triplex certify its life expectancy as 100 years – 10 times what the nearest competitor can say! For example, a city that chooses to use a generic spray-on resin to rehabilitate its sewer systems may face the same problems of inflow and infiltration within two or three years.

With Poly-Triplex, we solve the problem affordably for generations to come. The Poly-Triplex Liner System is backed by a 10-year warranty and 100-year useful life certification, making the value of Poly-Triplex something even our grandchildren will not be able to question. The only question is how could anyone afford to reuse another product when they could have used Poly-Triplex?