First section pressurized to 1 psi and steam being injected at 220 degrees F. Cure time 2 hours

Removing bladder and inflation canister after cool down period

Guiding liner to insertion point

Inserting liner into culvert

Section of culvert being pressurized behind already completed sections

Poly-Triplex Culvert Rehabilitation

Case Study: Baytown, TX

October 2005

Galvanized Corrugated Culvert 90 feet long and 60 inches in diameter.

This structure had severe deterioration, was egg shaped, and had load bearing problems. The existing culvert was in the Right Of Way, but builders were allowed to build on ROW, thus making open cut for dig and replace of the existing culvert very expensive. It could have also lead to the damage of existing surrounding structures.

The City of Baytown contacted us asking for our opinion regarding the appropriate rehabilitation method for this particular situation. After inspecting the site we were confident that the Poly-Triplex 11600 series would be more than sufficient to overcome the deterioration problems, load bearing issues, as well as the flow demands that this culvert must handle. The liner was installed in 2 days.

Applying 100% Solids Epoxy to 11600 Series Liner

Pre-inflating first section before installing it into the culvert

Installing first section into culvert